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Vermontwise LLC


Vermontwise LLC is an energy services company in Rochester, Vermont. Vermontwise has nearly 20 years of experience providing residential new construction energy efficiency program design, marketing, and implementation for utilities and, since 2000, for Efficiency Vermont. We work with architects and builders building ENERGY STAR® Homes, LEED for Homes, National Green Building Standard, and Passive House projects. As chief cat herd of the Vermont Green Home Alliance (VGHA), Vermontwise leads this volunteer alliance of construction and real estate trade associations and businesses working to dramatically increase building and energy efficiency education and information sharing with appraisers, home inspectors, mortgage lenders, Realtors®, the Vermont Housing Finance Agency, and the regional MLS. The VGHA seeks to transform the real estate market so that buyers and sellers can identify and accurately value energy efficiency benefits.

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Address197 Maple Hill Road
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